One of the important nutrients in milk are the natural amount of calcium


Calcium is an important ingredient to a well-balanced diet. Calcium is helping your bones to get stronger and capable to function throughout your entire life and its therefore a good reason to consume milk products.

As we grow into adulthood, we need lots of calcium so our bones can grow strong. And milk is the best source for that calcium. Research clearly shows that milk helps prevent osteoporosis in the growing years.

Although calcium is found in large quantities in, for example, kale and broccoli - it is when you drink milk that the body absorbs most calcium. Calcium is what is called a divalent ion. This means that calcium wants to bind to other molecules for example to dietary fiber, and when it does, the body cannot absorb it.

Therefore, you cannot just look at the calcium content of other food groups and select those with a high calcium content to replace the milk. The calcium you get through the milk is encased in fat and the fat protects the calcium so that it does not bind to the dietary fiber, and thus more of calcium is absorbed in your body.

Calcium is an important nutrient throughout life for the bones to maintain its strength – for the young, the middle-aged or the elder. Maintaining strong bones is not the only physical objective calcium is good for. It also strengthens your teeth.

In Denmark we traditionally consume a lot of milk products and more than 50% of our calcium intake come from milk products. Milk is at the same time a versatile product with a great variety of consuming options.